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Welcome to Aurora Digital Marketing! If you have started your own business, or you are a local business looking to grow, then we are here to help you succeed. We are a local agency based in Bridgend, supporting Cardiff, Swansea and the Vale of Glamorgan with a wide range of digital marketing services.

Digital marketing can give your business the edge over your competitors – fact. We can identify the offers and ads competitors are running online and where their website traffic is coming from. Does this sound like a strong competitive edge? Well, it doesn’t end there. We can use this data and data from other sources, to build you a fantastic digital marketing campaign plan, or if you have a specific project in mind or you want to upskill your or your team in digital, we have your back. 


Search Engine Optimisation will help your business reach and stay at the top of the search results. Over 90% of people never look past the first page of Google when they’re searching for something online.


Use the power of Google Advertising to drive customers to purchase when they are searching for your products or services. Google ads are great for instant website traffic when you are still building your brand profile. 

Social Media

Target your potential customers who are searching for businesses and services, through Social Media ads. From boosted posts to lead generation forms and ads directly to your potential customer’s inbox!


Website Content

If you need an extra hand creating engaging content with great personality, we can support you with achieving your website content or blog writing goals.


Bespoke business logos, strap-lines or van wrap designs. Local Welsh in-house designers. Unlimited revisions.


Training & Consultancy

If you or your team want to take digital marketing and bring it firmly in house, we will support you with your training and development needs

,Why We Are Different 

Customers in Wales are increasingly expecting more from companies online and are often purchasing products from digital ads or through social media, a trend that is set to rise in 2020. We will support you in reaching your business goals, from identifying who your customers are, what they are searching for and where is best to engage them, to crafting engaging articles that build your brand profile and company authority in Google. 

It’s essential to ensure that your business is on that first page of Google and that when customers visit your website, they convert. We will make sure your website is strong and bursting with authority indicators to Google through an effective SEO campaign.  

As an expert digital marketing agency our team can support you with increasing the online presence of your business and taking the dominant position within your local market, through expert marketing strategy guidance. We will help you target online reviews, customer feedback, and grow your customer leads and sales through positive brand image and increased industry and customer trust. 

We work hard to familiarise ourselves with your brand and establish who your target (most profitable) clients are. If you need support in building your brand, we will help you build a strong brand profile that your customers can engage with both online and/or in your shop.

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