Paid advertising for local businesses in wales

We are attentive paid search experts. We specialise in supporting local and start-up businesses like you, with a broad range of paid advertising solutions to enable you to reach your customer acquisition goals. Based in Bridgend, we service the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff, and Swansea areas and offering one of the most price-competitive services of any local digital agency.  

What we do

With more than ten years’ experience in digital marketing, we are resourced with the technical tools and skills to support you with your paid search needs.


Local Search Ads

Local Search Ads on Google Maps, including Google Maps App. When users search for nearby businesses, or a search term similar to your business, your company may be featured at the top of the search results.

Google Search Ads

When a customer searches for keywords relating to your business products or services, clickable ads appear at the top of Google’s search results. 

Google Display Ads

Includes Google shopping. When a customer visits a website that is part of the Google Network, your image ad is shown to customers within your targeting parameters. 

Remarketing Ads

If a customer visits your website and does not convert, you can pay Google to show these customers ads as they continue their journey online. These ads for your business can appear in Google Search, Display, or Video. 

Affiliate Marketing Management

Ads on sites such as Top Cashback, Quidco, and other similar websites. We will identify the best sites for your business and negotiate the best deals.

Social Media Marketing

Paid ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn YouTube and more. Includes Influencer marketing and user engagement competitions.

Local Search Ads
When a Google user is searching for a  service near a location, they may see an advertisement for your business. This ad will show them your location, phone number, opening hours, and reviews. All companies can set up a free listing however, paid local search ads allow you to compete with other local businesses by bidding to have your business listing shown first. Local search ads can be set to Google Search and Google Maps. They are often used to encourage increased shop footfall. Businesses are charged on a ‘cost per ad click’ basis.

Google Search Ads
When a customer is searching in Google for a topic relating to your business, a paid advertisement appears as text above the non-paid search results. The ad will be in the same format as the non-paid results. Companies can choose the precise keywords they want to appear for in Google. Businesses are charged on a ‘cost per ad click’ basis.

Google Display Ads
When a customer is on a Google Display Network website of your choosing, your image or video advert will appear, advertising your products or services. There are over 2 million sites that can be refined by industry. When customers click on an ad, they are taken to your website. Businesses are charged on a ‘cost per ad click’ basis.

Google Video Ads
When a customer is watching YouTube, your video or image ad will appear advertising your products or services. When customers click on an ad, they are taken to your website. Businesses are charged on a ‘cost per ad click’ basis.

If a customer has visited your website and not made a purchase or completed the desired action, remarketing allows you to place ads on the websites the customer visits after leaving your site if they are on the Google Display network. These ads are usually images and help increase brand awareness and remind customers to make a purchase. If the customer clicks on these ads, they are taken back to your website and encouraged to make a purchase or complete an action. Businesses are charged on a ‘cost per ad click’ basis.

Affiliate Marketing
Websites such as Top Cash Back, Student Beans, Amazon, eBay, and many other sites offer a partnership with a business where they advertise your company to their customers. If the customer goes on to buy your product, you pay them a commission. Businesses are charged on a ‘cost per conversion’ basis. This can be dependent on the affiliate site’s terms.

Social Media Marketing
When a customer is on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, a text, image, or video advert for your company is shown from your business social media account. The call to action of this advert can take customers to your website, to call your business or to message you on that social platform. There are a vast range of social media advertising options available with precise customer targeting options. Businesses are charged on a ‘cost per ad click’ or ‘cost per interaction’ with an ad basis, i.e., the call to action is not clicked, but there has been some engagement. Alternatively to ads on your business accounts, companies have the option to pay an influencer to advertise products, services, or a company name to their followers. Businesses are typically charged with a one-off cost to the influencer. Costs vary and are negotiated.

Why We Are Different 

When setting up a new business or taking your business to the next level of customer acquisition, it can often be quite daunting or a challenge to understand the complexities of paid search marketing. We will ease any uncertainty you have. We work very collaboratively with our clients and offer a personal service, ensuring we know your business inside out. We will support you with the understanding needed to confidently make campaign goal and budgeting decisions without concern.

Through competitor and industry research, we will craft highly competitive ads on the platforms of your choice. Our ethos is based on making informed data-led decisions to drive ambitious results for our clients.

If you are a local business looking to start a new paid media campaign or looking to enhance the performance of your existing campaigns, we can help you achieve your objectives. Not sure exactly what you require or have a bespoke project? Just send us an email, and we’ll reply to you within 24 hours.

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